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Typing Room is a food blog born out of my raw passion for all things food and kitchen.

I visit different eateries and experiment with cooking food from diverse cuisines, all the time. As the name probably suggests, I wanted Typing Room to be a place where I could type my adventures regarding food and kitchen time.

It can be painfully difficult to quickly pick the kitchen equipment you need for a specific use case. I know because I’ve suffered it myself. This is why, I try to publish actually helpful buying guides that cover not only what you need, but also why you need it, and which criteria it is fulfilling.

I try to test most of the kitchen equipment and accessories myself, but it’s not always possible to get my hands on everything. So, I spend considerable amounts of time analyzing legit user reviews and editorial reviews of products before giving any product a place in my recommendations.

Here are some interesting facts about me and my experiences:

  • The first proper food I prepared as a child was instant noodles (but not the cup-kind, which just require you to pour hot water).
  • One food that looked hard to make but actually wasn’t hard – omelette.
  • I have a habit of underestimating the amount of rice I consume by consistently boiling less rice than I usually end up craving for.
  • There are very few things that I hate more than washing utensils manually (others include those scary house lizards!).

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